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What is included in a table / bottle service reservation?

A table reservation includes the following:

– VIP entry (no cover, no wait, expedited hosted walk-in) for up to the number of guests stated in your selected option. So, no cover charge is required in addition to the amount paid for a table.

– A VIP table, couches, and private space for your party’s use all day (or night) in the selected tier

– A food and beverage credit to order from the club’s menu in the amount of the minimum spend. In other words, you need to order the stated minimum in food/alcohol from the club’s menu; if you don’t hit the minimum, they will charge you for that amount (plus tax/gratuity/venue fees) anyway.

– Unlimited basic mixers (juices, sodas) of your choice for the alcohol ordered. (Note: energy drinks, premium juices, and bottled waters cost extra; ordering these items would be applied to your minimum spend.)

– Private service staff all day (or night) to pour your drinks, keep your section clean / organized, and answer any general questions

– Assigned security staff to monitor your section all day (or night), controlling crowd flow when you are present and watching over your space and belongings while you are away from the table

Updated on March 18, 2020

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