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Is there a separate line for bottle service? Where do I go when I arrive?

There is always a separate, faster line for bottle service clients to get into the venue. After all, you are VIP when you get bottle service. The logistics differ depending on which club you are going to, but for the most part, it will be very clear which line you need to enter. Just show up with your group, proceed to the proper line, and drop your name to the staff member or bouncer. If you are unsure or are severely inebriated (it happens), be sure to tell them that you have a table. They will take care of you and you will get your expedited entry.

For numerous clubs, we pair you with a dedicated host to walk you past the crush of people standing outside. This also varies by club, as some hosts will arrange a meet and greet beforehand, while others will just meet you at the entrance after you shoot them a quick text notifying them that you have arrived.

Either way, we at Discotech will provide you clear instructions on how to check in when you book with us. A confirmation text and email will be sent to you for assurance, and you can always reach out to us at anytime to confirm / double check. As a final note, make sure to err on the safe side and show up early to minimize your wait time in line. After all, you could still experience a wait behind other patrons who also have bottle service.

Party hard, my friends!

Updated on August 4, 2020

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