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What are the benefits of booking with Discotech?

By booking through Discotech, you will get the best price, reliability, and service. We drive traffic to clubs in bulk, so we get access to push the most competitive rates they offer. When you go through the club directly, they don’t know who you are or if you are vetted, so they have no loyalty or goodwill towards you unless you are spending an exorbitant amount of money.

By going through us, your reservation is highly prioritized and gets sent to the top decision maker at each venue, whom we have a longstanding partnership with already. Due to our 7+ years in the nightlife business, we have cultivated the strongest relationships and know all the right people. So, you get responses and answers right away and you know your reservation is legit. You also have clear check-in instructions on what to do when you arrive.

When you book through us, you also get nearly 24/7 access to our help line to answer all your questions and to check the status of your reservation. Our Customer Support team is the best in the business and are the subject matter experts for all nightlife venues. Most customers who decide to book with a promoter or go direct to the club itself find themselves incredibly frustrated by how unresponsive the promoter or club staff can be, especially if you’re not a regular or a whale spending thousands of dollars. Worst case, you get hit with a bait and switch by a promoter, who may promise you one price beforehand, only to raise the price when you’re already at the door with no other option. It happened to us, and that’s why we created Discotech. We vowed for that to never happen again to anyone else.

Lastly, you’ll also notice more responsiveness, more transparency, and more information provided when you work through us vs. going to a promoter or a club directly. Nobody will ever give you any comparative information about pricing at other clubs; the advantage of going through us is that we aggregate for you, and then you can compare and contrast multiple clubs and get the info you need in a very timely fashion.  Think of it like going to Expedia or Kayak instead of browsing 20 different airline websites. Discotech is your promoter for every club now. Pretty sweet, eh?

Updated on April 28, 2020

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