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Does my entire party need to arrive at the club at the same time?

The answer to this question depends on your situation for the evening:

1. Bottle Service / VIP Table Reservations – Generally, the party DOES NOT need to arrive at the same time if you have a VIP table reservation. The person who initially checks in under the table will usually need to put their credit card down to open up the table and tab. Other guests can typically arrive later and check in under the reservation at the VIP table entry. The doorman will keep a tally of how many guests have checked in to make sure your party does not exceed the maximum guest allotment. Have any stragglers mention that they are part of your table when they arrive.

2. Pre-sale tickets: If you have purchased multiple tickets, we recommend that you share/send the other tickets to your friends so that they can check in using the bar code or QR code at the door. This way you can all enter at separate times.

3. Guest List Check In – If you have a guest list reservation with +N guests, your additional guests MUST check in at the same time as you to get in on the guest list. If you are unable to check in at the same time, I recommend that you have your friends add themselves to the guest list via our Discotech app as well. After all, the app is free to download and it doesn’t cost anything to add yourself to our list!

4. General Admission – Since customers are paying for themselves to get in at the door, you can arrive separately.

Updated on March 19, 2020

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